Gerald Fong

Hello, my name is Gerald and I'm currently a junior at UC Berkeley studying EECS. I'm graduating this semester and will be working at Dropbox. Previously I interned at Stripe, Twitter, and RewardMe. This website is a collection of the hacks that I've built during my past time and various hackathons. I will also be putting up a website of the musical compositions that I have been working on.

Simple FPS using 3JS

I made a simple first person shooter using the 3js library with the help of Troy Tsui. You can check out a demo.

Cubes, H@B's Hackjam 3

I created this during a 12 hour hacking session called HackJam hosted by H@B. I was torn between organizing the event and working on my own hack, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I had done 3D related projects before, but it had always required a lot of boilerplate and math to get going. This time I was able to find an awesome library called 3js to abstract a lot of the details to focus on the hack itself. This is a simple visualization of spinning boxes and camera. There are no controls at the moment, but I plan on creating more 3D web hacks soon.

You can check out a live demo or the code. Make sure to have the latest chrome or mozilla.

Toaster.js, 1st place at Greylock Hackfest 2012

Teammates: Sharad Vikram, Li Pi, Abi Raja

We hijacked powerstrips and hooked it up to an arduino that talks via radio to another arduino connected to our laptop. We then built a node server to control power via arduino C and created an API on top of that. The result was a way to schedule, control, and monitor all electronics you are using including toasters, lights, and any other home appliance.

Orange Cube, 1st place at Stanford vs Cal Big Hack 2012

Teammates: Sharad Vikram, Siddhartho Battacharya, Achal Dave

We attached capaciator touch wires onto the inside of an oragami paper cube, and then used those sensors to pinpoint finger movmements nearby. We created a multi surface touch pad with advanced gestures that costed a few dollars.

Brobooks, 1st place at Code4Cal 2012

Teammates: Sharad Vikram

We created a textbook marketplace to help college students buy and sell their textbooks. It is live at

Finger Tracker, 2nd place at Facebook Hackathon 2011

Teammates: Sharad Vikram, Siddarth Bhattacharya, Justin Fu

We tracked the movements of a finger by putting reflective tape on it, and to collect Infrared Lights using a Wii Remote. We implemented the Dynamic Time Warping algorithm to figure out the letters being traced by the hand. We also created an interface to move the mouse around to point and click.

The stack consisted largely of Java and swing to visualize the controls.

Splash Mobile Meet-up App

Teammates: Sebastian Liu, Jason Pang, Ashwin Raman, Ryan Liu

Art Contributions: Diane Wang

The Splash Mobile App helps people efficiently and simply arrange hangouts and meetups without the hassle that many of the modern day systems have today. This was a summer project with a few of my classmates from high school.

This application was built on a Java Servlet on a Jetty Server hosted in Amazon EC2.

Wars of Mooncraft

Teammates: Karthik Viswanathan, Kevin Heh

During my junior year of High School just after learning Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming (OOP), I led a team of three to create this aim and fire physics basics game. My groupmembers for the project were Aditya Majumdar, current Columbia Student, and Kevin Heh, a current Stanford student.

I designed the project which consisted of a life-like physics engine with randomly varying graphics. The front end was built on the Javax Swing library. The project in total had over 30 images and 50 classes. We also implemented complex inheritence chains for items such as upgrades and additional weapons, or different missile types.